Equipment Review: T.I. “Programmer”

By Val J. Golding

The Texas Instruments Programmer is a unique calculator which provides immediate conversions from, and 4-function calculations., Base 8 (Octal), Base 10 (Decimal) and Base  16 (Hexidecimal). It will also manipulate bits in Hex and Octal modes, with One’s and Two’s, compliments, logical and, or, not and exclusive or, as well as shift left and right functions.

Binary conversions are printed on the face, above the appropriate digits, and the machine performs floating point” negative balance arithmetic in decimal mode. It is simple and fast to operate and, to this writer, more than worth its weight in apples. This little gem is available at Advanced Campus Electronics, Computerland and J.K. Gill at $50 to $60.

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Bill Martens

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