Connecting a WiModem232 OLED with Apple //c+

Recently I saw the news about the WiModem232 OLED availability and ordered one immediately. after a smooth transaction and a couple of days finally received it.

The device is nice and very professionally made. the OLED really makes it stand out, and after getting an USB power cable started the setup. Had a couple of hiccups as the cable I had was a printer, which differs from the modem one and doesn’t work with the modem.

Finally found a modem cable and downloaded a floppy image of ProTerm. Booted from it and after selecting 300 bauds, went to the terminal. At the first AT command the modem responded! Did the setup following the manual, it saw my WiFi immediately and the green light with “Ready” on the screen lit up.

After a few more changes, I was connecting at 9600 bauds to the 80’s Apple bbs! What a pleasure was to remember those scrolling days, in my trusty Apple //c+!

I highly recommend the modem, it’s almost plug and play, you just need to make sure the cable is correct and run a terminal program. It works with most – if not all – retro computers that used to work with a modem.

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About the Author

Javier Rivera

I'm an apple //c fanatic, born in Mexico but living in sunny Miami, FL, the perfect place for retrobrite! I like restoring computers to bring them back to their old glory. Also like to combine new technology with vintage hardware to give new uses to them.