This week, TubeTimeUS on Twitter announced that he had successfully replicated the Quadram Quadlink card from the 1980’s.  While Quadram was better known for their RAM cards, the Quadlink offered a ray of hop to those computer users who wanted the best of both worlds, the XT and the Apple II.

Sporting a look right out of the inside of the Apple II computer, the Quapple is a quick and easy way to repurpose the IBM XT into a machine that runs many more software products and one which was far more popular at the time.

The github pages contain the complete information kit for the Quapple and while TubeTmeUS is not actually selling these cards, the files for producing your own have been provided along with all of the necessary information and software to build and get the Quapple running on your own machines.

To get the Quapple files and information, check out the Github page at:

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