wDrive Firmware V.1.0b8 Released

Kboo HK let us know this morning that there was a new update to the wDrive firmware as well as the DIY version of softSP. This update comes less than 48 hours after the previous update due to an unfortunate bug which had crept into the firmware.

In his email, KBoo says”We have released a new wDrive firmware version 1.0b8. There is a bug in previous version that can cause dsk files to be unable to be written! This update is the fix for this issue”

He also expressed his gratitude to the users and sent apologies for the bug.

He also says “Also, in response to a request by DIY softSP users, they also updated that version as well. It’s performance is the same as the softSP Card which supports ANY slot and corrects the drive B requirement for some programs.”

For more information about the wDrive, to purchase a unit, or to download the latest versions of the software, check out their website at:

To download Firmware Update V.1.0b8 go to:

If you would like to download the DIY softSP Version 2 Update, go to:

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