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II Computing Volume 1 Number 1
October / November 1985

Thanks for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves. II Computing is a new magazine specifically for those of us who own or use some type of Apple II computer. That includes the II, II+, IIe and IIe and all future computers built around the II design. We’ll also cover the peripherals, software and firmware for Apple II machines.

Browse through this issue and you will see a mix of informative articles and useful, entertaining programs. We are especially proud to offer you the work of two prestigious authors, astronomer Donald Tattersfield (Halley’s comet program) and computer scientist Caxton Foster (on cryptanalysis), plus two old friends of yours, Margot Comstock Tommervik (of Softalk) and Neil Shapiro (SYSOP of CompuServe’s MAUG).

Our program lineup also includes “Pro Football Prognosticator;’ which we hope will be more than useful to you. If you prefer not to type in the programs by hand, we offer an attractively priced companion disk with the programs already on it. Ask your retailer for details, or call our toll-free number listed on the enclosed subscription order form .

You may be curious about our bravery (or foolhardiness) in launching a new computer magazine when computer mania seems to be at an ebb, and about our dedication to machines from a company so recently buffeted by internal strife. Well, it is a gamble, but we believe a sound basis exists for taking the chance. Our most important premise is that the computer revolution isn’t over, it has hardly begun! Maybe the fad days are over, but for substantial numbers of us, working and playing with our computers will remain an integral part of our daily lives for years to come.

Dewitt Robbeloth, Editor of II Computing
Photo by Lorraine Capparell

As for supporting Apple II computers, why not? You have one, I have one, and so do a couple million other people. The II’s are fine, versatile machines, well supplied with software and peripherals, and still in production from the company that virtually invented personal computing.

We have confidence in Apple, but even if the company were to falter, that doesn’t mean your computer would self-destruct. In some ways, trouble at Apple makes a magazine like ours even more valuable to you. Valuable to you – that’s what we must be to succeed. If we give you your money’s worth each issue, I think we will have a long, pleasant association. What does value in a magazine mean to you? We think it means: useful, stimulating, challenging, helpful, convenient, economical, informative, pertinent, attractive, amusing, profitable, pleasurable, clear, accurate, diverse, and personally enhancing. These are the attributes we strive to achieve in II Computing.

That’s a tall order. We know your standards are high, but we are determined to meet them. We want II Computing to be your most welcome companion at your Apple keyboard. We are not competing with other magazines, we are serving you. If you get what you want from us, the competition will take care of itself. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. II


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