Gareth Powell
Australian Apple Review Vol 4 No 2 February 1987 PP2

THE NEW Macintosh’s have arrived and we now know that Apple made the right decisions, designed the right machines, are offering the right attractive packages.

Almost every review throughout the world’s press has been unreservedly congratulatory.

Perhaps now we should add a minor dissenting note. The Apple company has been built with the aid of the unbridled enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, much the same as the editorial staff of this magazine.

There now appears on the part of Apple staff to be a move to distance themselves from the maniac enthusiasts and align themselves with sober business. One can see the attraction of that, one can understand the urgings of the faceless money people for Apple to move in that direction.

But the Macintosh moved into business not because of the urging of some direct sales force – Apple does not have one – not because of the unaided efforts of the dealer network – many of whom were, in the beginning, less than totally knowledgeable about the machines they sold.

The drive, the impetus, the enthusiasm came from the amateurs who talked business professionals into trying the machines, who encouraged executives who knew nothing about computers to start with a Macintosh.

If Apple loses the support of this army of sales boosters, if these unpaid supernumerary sales executives switch their allegiance to the Amiga or the Atari (and this is a growing movement in the United States and even more especially in Europe) then Apple may find that the vision of a future of untrammeled growth may start to dim.

Enthusiasts made Apple.

Now that Apple is set to surge ahead the company will forget them at its peril.

Gareth Powell

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