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Paid If Alive subscribers will be receiving the II Alive video late in May, 1993. We apologize for the delay; however, we’re sure you’ll agree, once you see it, that it was worth the wait. We decided to add coverage of Apple Expo West, which isn’t until April 23-24, to the video. For the first time you’ll be able to get the feel of an Apple Expo even if you can’t attend-you’ll even get an up-close look at one of Roger Wagner’s infamous ties! As far as we know, this is the first video coverage of any Apple II expo in history. Another first!


We had to postpone our head-to-head review of Econ Technologies’ AutoArk and WestCode’s HardPressed until the next issue because, at press time, WestCode had not yet released their product. The author of HardPressed, Andy McFadden, offered to let us test a pre-release version, but both Westcode and II Alive agreed that your needs would be served better by a comparison of two finished products. We hope to print this review in the next issue (along with another head-to-head review, this one of Procyon’s SwitchIt and Seven Hills’ The Manager, two new “MultiFinder” programs for the IIGS).

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Jerry Kindall

Jerry Kindall was Quality Computers' technical writer and served as II Alive's Editor in Chief from its inception through mid-1995. He is currently a contract programmer writer at a certain Large Software Company in the Seattle area. He and his wife breed and show Glen of Imaal Terriers.