Are there two Apple Events on the schedule now?

Mac お宝(otakara) is now saying that there are two events scheduled by Apple.  The first event which they were saying was for Apple’s iPad 3 announcement apparently has been pushed back to March.  The first event supposedly in February is yet unknown.  Mac お宝 is saying that the event would be “a Strange Event”.   Speculation by some of the posters on the site and others says that the February event might be scheduled to coincide with Steve Jobs birthday which is February 24th.

While it would be highly unusual for Apple to hold two events so closely together, they may schedule an event to celebrate the life of Steve Jobs but given all of the rumors about the iPad 3, it is possible that they will use the event to announce another game changer like the iBooks Author.  Our own in-house people are saying they could use the event to announce a possible update to the Apple TV and the long rumored Siri Controled OLED TV.  If there is a March event, they would likely use that time to announce the iPad 3 and our speculation is that it would coincide with the 11 March earthquake and tsunami anniversary and would likely be held in Tokyo.

Source: Macお宝

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