iPad 3 Coming in March 2012

For those who have been waiting for the next edition of their iPad, it appears that your wait is nearly over.  Bloomberg is claiming that the iPad will be released in March, complete with high definition screen as well as LTE networking capability.   This speculation could be due to the Apple Event which is scheduled for next week, however,  it is highly unlikely that Apple is ready to deliver on such an advanced model of the iPad so soon.

The features of the new iPad will likely be similar to those of the new iPhone 4S in the camera category, one area Apple has yet to really improve drastically upon is the memory.  Current machines 64gb limitation is dragging on the real capabilities of the machines with downloads of just a few movies completely filling the current model iPads.  In order for Apple to clearly differentiate themselves from the other tablet machines, they are going to have to up the memory to a minimum of 256gb if not higher.

Source: Bloomberg

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