iPad Mini – A Possible Reality or Just A Dream.

Rumors of a mid sized Apple iPad are once again flairing up on the internet.   The latest in a posting from DigiTimes Systems mentions the possibility of Apple launching a 7.85 inch iPad  late 2012.  The site goes on to compare the Apple iPad and the Kindle Fire, obviously in an effort to give the iPad some competition.

While the mini iPad would make some people happy with the fact that the iPad would then be able to fit into smaller hand bags, the idea of a smaller iPad is somewhat absurd.  The small size of the screen size mentioned by DigiTimes would make it an odd size and while the iPad is able to run iPhone apps in the 2x mode, a mid sized screen would add one more layer of checks to already problematic apps.

The likely cost gains by making a smaller sized iPad just cannot be seens as that great and a machine that is already priced well below that which other manufacturers have tried to produce similar machine at, obviously makes such a machine not likely to be produced.  Also, despite some supply chain companies products being purchased by Apple, Inc., many in the industry describe much of the purchasing as hedging against Apple’s competitors purchasing the items necessary to produce their own products.

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