What to expect of the iPad2 Announcement

Once again, the rumor mills have been running up all types of conjecture of what folks think the iPad2 will be.  I can tell you what it will not be.  It will not contain anything from the MacBook Pro other than 1 or two new  technologies.  Most of it will be rehashes and improvements of current technology.

First off, memory has been a major issue on the machines from the get go.  I have friends who have the 16gb model and they have filled them to the point where they cant even install any new apps or buy new music or even buy a new movie.  Since this machine is supposed to be the lifestyle machine of the future, Apple needs to resolve this issue.  This is why this author believes that the new smallest machine will either be 32gb or maybe even 64gb.  I cant see Apple making any more 16gb machines available ever.

the second issue they need to solve is screen glare.  This is one of the major downers of the machine.  Many folks have tried to use the iPad in all manner of utilizations including vehicles, airplanes, kitchens, and even in restaurants.  Unfortunately, the least little bit of light reflects off the machine making it nearly unreadable at times.   Some type of light absorbing screen is a definite must have on the iPad2.

Another item that was lacking on the iPad was a camera.  This is almost a for sure, done deal on the iPad2, as many folks will just go get an android based tablet if the iPad2 does not have front and rear facing cameras.  This prediction is not a stretch at all when we say it will definitely have the cameras and likely HD cameras at that based on the new technology from the recently introduced MacBook Pro line upgrades.

Weight has been an issue that has plagued the iPad and we believe the new iPad2 will be nearly half the weight of the initial offerings.   This is important in order for Apple to stay ahead of the also-rans in the industry.

For those looking for high technology you will find the mini display connector on the iPad2 as well which will allow a variety of devices to be connected including HD external cameras, feeding directly into a new capability of iTunes.  Video Recording.  This will allow the iPad2 to become the complete movie production studio on the fly.

Finally comes the big wallop that folks will not be expecting.  We believe that the top end models will not only sport 256gb memory modules but also that there will be a 512gb version of the iPad in order to put it online with the top end models of the MacBook Pro.  Dont expect that model to be cheap but we figure the 256gb Model will be under the golden standard of Apple of $999 with the 512gb model costing $1399.

What the legal team makes me say:  The predictions in here are mine and mine alone.  Any item resembling anything in actual production is a lucky guess and nothing more.  I dont have sources in Apple, Inc. and dont know anything other than what I am guessing.  I have to wait like everyone else to find out for sure.  All my predictions are pure conjecture and nothing more.

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