Apple Making More Inroads Into Mainland China Market

Reports are saying that that Apple has now landed the number three telecom company in China to distribute the iPhone.  China Telecom (CHA) was the latest of the mainland China based carriers to announce that they will have a iPhone 4S for sale as soon as February.

On 13 January when apple Incorporated released the iPhone 4S in mainland China most areas went according to plan. However, the main Apple store in Beijing was dated by scalpers trying to scoop up all of the iPhone 4S stock. The scoffers began to battle with staff and swat teams were called in to control them.

The push to put the iPhone 4S into China in what could be Apple’s biggest market globally discontinuing and Apple is anxious to get all of the local mainland China carriers on board in order to have as much reach as possible. They are even planning to release a CDMA based version of the iPhone 4S specifically for the Chinese market.


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