Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator for iOS Available


The Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator for iOS was released by Tomas Robertson this month.  Incandescent Workshop LLC was the programmer of the port of Artemis, a Starship simulation which requires more human interaction than it requires actual computer.  Run by teams of 4-6 players, the game presents one starship control per player with 6 players being the optimal number.


 Just as a starship cannot be run by one man, neither can Artemis.  Artemis gives you have the Helm Control, Weapons Control, a Science Screen, Engineering, Communications and of course the Captain.  The Captain makes the calls for all moves on the ship, doing his best to get all of the human components to work together seamlessly. All players except the Captain connect their machines to the local area network and then connect to the Artemis server.  While the Windows version of the Artemis program is a 6 person license for $40, the iOS version is $2.99 per station.  However, the iOS version allows even an iPhone 3GS to be utilized as an Artemis Server.


The iPad version is intuitive with all of the same controls as the windows version with some distinct advantages.  One such advantage is Helm Control is much easier to use with turning of the ship with no clunky keyboard or mouse controls.  just touch and slide for control.   touch a button to engage shields, request docking with the space station or crank up the warp to take off out into the void.


Most multi-player games in this era focus on the singularity of player on player, but Artemis gives you the human factor and requires actual communication as well as precise control.  Artemis Parties are famous for their 6 man look and yelling and screaming, all with the goal of vanquishing the computer generated enemy ships or another team of Artemis players.

For more information or to download the app, check out the Artemis home page at:

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