Evi is very poor replacement of Siri

Evi is an app for the iPhone which it’s developers, True Knowledge, as well as several high profile Apple and Mac related websites were claiming was a good replacement for Siri.  However, the reality is much cloudier than that.   After 516 ratings, the average is 1.5 stars with most people complaining that the app can7t even connect to the Evi servers to perform the required tasks.

Apple also had issues that were very similar when they first released Siri, however, this was under the sudden load of millions of units.  Evi has nowhere near the number of followers, yet it can’t even get the basic model off the ground.  While the App is $0.99 USD, many of the folks who paid for the app are complaining that they want a refund.

To check out the App and judge for yourself, go to:


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