iOS 5.0.1 Update, with a few items for 5.0.2

In a week that saw many users receive their iPhone 4S including myself, Apple decided to go on a tear and create a few PR issues with developers.  However, I guess the end result of that disaster in the Internet world is that Apple decided to fix one Charlie Miller’s well known and thoroughly explained bug (@0xcharlie) after unceremoniously booting him from the Apple Developers program.  They took this bug and a nasty battery drain on the iPhone 4S and decided that they would fix both issues at the same time with the release of their latest iOS update.   I guess they were hoping the bug reported by Charlie would go totally unnoticed by the community at large.

Unfortunately, the installation of that update was the beginning of an interesting evening of frustration and testing for this intrepid user. Having been one of those fortunate few who finally received my iPhone 4S this past week, I was particularly interested in having the latest and greatest OS on the phone.  However, after the total dis-arrangement of my iOS 4.x created folders, and the hours I had to put in restoring them to their former glory, my reluctance was actually at an all time high.  After a bit of debate with myself, I bit the bullet and installed iOS 5.0.1.

I was particularly interested in the battery issue that was such a prevalent problem with the initial version of iOS 5.0 on the iPhone 4S.  My phone was dying within about 3 hours under regular usage and this just would not do for an all day session at a football stadium.  Upon installing the update. I found, much to my shagrin, my ability to make phone calls with the iPhone 4S disappeared as soon as the phone was updated.  I was able to dial, however, no sound of the dialing and no voice from the other party was received.

I initially tried resetting the network, however, this did not have any apparent affect on the ability to make phone calls.  Since, exiting the program and re-entering it only caused the phone to try to dial the last dialed number, the reset was something I was hoping would fix everything.  Alas, my next step was to reset all settings.  This only served to further my frustration.

I finally gave up after a few minutes and finally decided to reset the entire phone.  At least I could call people again, but then I was without my contacts and phone numbers.  This led to my only calling people whose numbers I could remember off the top of my head. As of yet, we have not been able to replicate the issue we had but suffice to say, we will likely see an iOS version 5.0.2 sometime soon from Cupertino if there are any other bugs in this release such as this one.

Once I arrived home again, I took to reloading the last backup which had 5.0.1 installed.  Luckily this time, I was able to dial phones with all of my data.  While, I cant say exactly what the difference is between the two setups since it was the backup of the updated profile, it does suffice to say that a good hard reset of all data sometimes is a good thing.

Now that my contacts and the 250 some odd Apps I use are once again installed , it is time to re-add all my movies, music and other goodies that I like to have with me.

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