iPhone5 Announcement Hours Away

With less than 10 hours to go until the iPhone5 announcement, it is funny to read the hubub on many of the main steam media sites.   It seems that many in the main stream, including the Wall Street Journal want the iPhone 5 announcement to be a failure.   Videos like “Is the iPhone loosing its cool factor” and “Little Buzz Ahead of Apple’s iPhone Event” being the most popular on the site seems that they are pushing that negative agenda.

The reality is that the iPhone will likely once again shock the world with its level of innovation and whether it is 4G or something completely different will matter little to those who line up to get the phone.   They will want it for its high quality and high level of new innovation.

While many have been trying to get free sneak peeks and inside info on the release, the reality is the phone will likely be weeks away since no signs of any stores having received the units have been made public.   It will also be highly probably that Apple will make sure the release date is well before the highly anticipated Amazon Fire.

The only remaining question in most folks minds seems to be will iCloud also be announced tomorrow or will it be released on the date of the iPhone 5.   This is one aspect I am particularly interested in as Apple’s new policy seems to be that 64gb will be the max amount of memory on the iPad or iPhone / iPod Touch.  This would fit with their idea that you only need iCloud in order to store more than that.  With the expected speeds of the new offerings tomorrow, this might just play right into Apple’s hands as many people want everything available now and they want backup of all their items.  It may be the right time for Tim Cook as well to announce something ground breaking and something that will cement both his legacy as well as Steve Jobs legacy.

We will see you folks at 10am Pacific Time with the line on the announcements.

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