Basilisk II Macintosh Emulator Ported to Run in a Browser

James Friend, the Australian programmer who ported the Mac 128 and Mac Plus to run in a browser, has a new port which is making the initial rounds.   Basilisk II, is now available in your browser thanks to the efforts of James.  According to the posting on his website,  he says:

I recently ported the Basilisk II classic Macintosh emulator to run in a web browser. I’ve been hoping to get it running for some time, and originally attempting to get it working back in 2013, before switching to porting the PCE emulator. Since then browser technologies have advanced, and I’ve learned a lot more about emulation (in part by making a simulated computer of my own). The Basilisk II port is the culmination of both of these things

While the emulator itself still appears to be an early version, the actual emulation runs well enough for the program SIM City 2000 to run on it without too much delay.

The initial loading of the emulation package will take a minute or two since it is approximately 30 mb in size, but subsequent startups of the emulator book right up in a matter of seconds.

For more on this project, check out the posting on the port by James Friend on his website at:

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