ROM-inator Resurrections for the Mac 128K and 512K Released

For this folks who are fans of the Steve Chamberlain created ROM-inator, there is good news. Kay Koba, the owner of Kero’s Mac Mods store has contracted with BMOW to create and sell them again. The ROM-inator is a replacement boot ROM which allows the Mac 128K and 512K to have up to 1mb on the boot rom. Some of the features of the ROM-inator include:

  • Startup beep is replaced by a glass “ping”
  • Happy Mac icon is replaced by a Mac wearing sunglasses
  • Pirate icon is displayed while waiting to load the ROM disk
  • ROM disk image including System 6, Mac Write, Mac Draft, and eight games
  • 128K ROM code turns a Mac 128K or 512K into a 128Ke or 512Ke

The ROM-inator kits are available in three flavors from Kero’s Mac Mods:

  • Economy Kit: $29USD (Pin headers, IC sockets and wiring material are not included) 
  • Standard Kit: $33USD(All necessary parts are included, only tools are required) 
  • Luxury Kit: $51USD( Standared kit and 2 sets of ROM)

You can choose between the ROM1 for the Mac Plus/Mac 512K pre-installed 6.0.8 or the ROM 2 for the Mac 128K preinstalled System 3.2 disk and other software for the Mac 128K. These are 1mb ROMs and can be re-programmed from the Mac without any special hardware.

For more information or to order the ROM-inator, check out Kero’s Mac Mods store at:

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