Star Wars Episode II Trailer in Quicktime 5.0

The latest of the Star Wars Episode II (Attack of the Clones) trailers was recently added to the official Star Wars website at The latest trailer shows much-improved cohesiveness between the scenes and a few a different twists on the plot being shown to the public. Although the scenes are fluid and nice, the free version of Quicktime only allows a medium sized view of the clips.

In order to truly experience the power of the Episode II clips, you must have the Pro version of Quicktime 5.0 which is available through Apple Computer, Inc.’s website for $29.95.

The quality with which the scenes come through is well worth the upgrade. Besides, the fact that Lucas Film, Ltd. only releases their clips in Quicktime format makes it’s a true no-brainer for the legions of Star Wars fans out there who are anxious to get their fix.

This trailer release brings to 4 the number of trailers that have been released by Lucas Film, Ltd.. This trailer is similar to the one which was introduced at Mac World Expo in Tokyo on the 21st of March.

The movie will be opening May 16th at theaters throughout the United States.  For more on the trailers, see the official Star Wars website at

For the Quicktime 5.0 software, see the Apple Quicktime related website at

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