Magic-Pixels 2.0b9 Released

The Crow Cousins have released version 2.0b9 of their double lo-res drawing program Magic-Pixels. The 2.0 version introduces a “Blazing Paddles” menu and this version in particular fixes a number of compatibility issues with IIgs and //c computers using mice.

As with prior versions, Magic-Pixels will allow you to save your creations in either a bitmap format or a special “draw on demand” format similar to the old Graphics Magician / Hi-Res adventure games.

In fact, the Crow Cousins are using Magic-Pixels to create the first ever lo-res adventure for the Apple II “Murder Manor”. More information will be posted shortly.

Magic-Pixels is available as a free download here and works on enhanced //e’s, the //c and IIc+, and the IIgs.

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