New ReactiveMicro Composite to HDMI solution

We start September with great news from ReactiveMicro, the Apple II innovator that provides the community with modern solutions for our vintage hardware, like the Power Supply replacements for all Apple II and /// computers.

ReactiveMicro Mini AV2HDMI

The new product is a composite to HDMI converter, optimized to be used with retrocomputer signals like the apple II. As most people know, modern monitors, mostly the large LCD, OLED and large screens are created for large pixels (4 & 8K) while the composite input most of the time can’t translate the signal from the old devices like the Apple II.

The cables, monitor and adapter with A/C connectors

In addition to the adapter, Reactive also offers a new 11.6″ monitor, which has been optimized to display fast and accurate the signal. This sounds preposterous, but other monitors I have used take some time to “warm up” or start, and display a logo before turning on, while this monitor shows the image right away without delay. It is a wide screen display, and has a myriad of inputs like BNC, VGA, composite, USB and of course, HDMI.

The new ReactiveMicro adapter will render images with great quality, quickly and efficiently. It uses heavy duty, high quality shielded cables that guarantees no signal loss and to provide a stable, uniform and accurate image from the composite signal.

The tests performed with different computers were successful, every time the images came back with nice colors and sharp text.

You can see a complete video review in my channel.

I think this is a great option for people who want reliable, quality plug and play solution to connect their retrocomputer to an HDMI screen. The suggested retail price of the new adapter is $35, including the high quality composite (RCA) and HDMI cables and A/C adapter, which in my opinion is a great price.

The LCD screen suggested retail price is $155, which comes in a retail box with manual, cables, etc. and is the perfect addition to the converter.

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