8-Bit Unity to Implement Scrollable Tile Maps

The 8-Bit Unity team has announced that their latest version of their C based cross platform programming SDK for 8-Bit systems will include scrollable tile maps. According to the posting ont heir website:

Thanks to a “quiet week”, I was able to make rapid progress on the next version of 8bit-Unity (0.4).The major new feature is Scrollable Tilemaps. I have implemented a super convenient asset pipeline: design your tile-set and maps in the excellent CharPad just ONCE, then 8bit-Unity takes care of converting the tiles to each platform for you!!I am including screenies of a Tech-Demo that will be included in the next release, running on all supported platform. It is a kind of Diablo inspired dungeon crawler… I will post a video of actual game footage soon, so stay stuned my friends!!!

For more information or to download the latest version of the 8-Bit Unity SDK, check out their website at:

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