BASIC10Liners 10th Edition Beginning Soon

The BASIC10Liners organizer extraordinaire, Gunner Kanold, has announced that his organization is preparing for the 2021 rendition of the BASIC10Liners contest.

The BASIC10Liners contest is held each year and 2021 will be the 10th year of the contest, with some amazing work done in each contest. If you are an 8 bit BASIC programmer, then this contest should be right up your alley, with 4 categories to take part in. 10 Lines are the max allowed for each category, but there is an 80,120, and 256 character for the three game categories and then one “Wild” category in which your 10 liner can be a utility program, a demo program, or an application.

The platform can be any 8-bit computer system and any dialect of BASIC is permitted except in the 80 character section of the contest, where only factory versions of BASIC are permitted.

So get your skills up to snuff and get ready to take part in the greatest bit of madness you have ever had. The information about the contest will be at:

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