Blitterang Hearts — Just in time for Valentine’s Day

For those who are into the whole Valentine’s Day bit, here is a program from a little while back that will fit right into the theme of the day. If you are per chance a fan of Roby Sherman’s Crow Cousins Micro Software, you will find that his Blitterang graphics package includes a demo program called HEARTS on the distribution disk.

Blitterang is a program which allows the user to include high performance image drawing to their programs written in either Applesoft BASIC or in Assembly Language on the Apple II computer. The full documentation of the library is included with the disk along with the ability to legally distribute programs written using the Blitterang library for a mere $20 fee for up to 1000 copies of the program.

To get the Blitterang graphics package, go to the Crow Cousins Microsoftware website at:

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