Generic Tile Engine for the Apple IIgs Beta

Lucas Scharenbroich, author and creator of the Generic Tile Engine for the Apple IIgs, has released a first beta of the engine on the GTE Github page. This release comes post Kansasfest where Lucas released a number of new demos of the GTE Engine.

The Generic Tile Engine (GTE) project is a tile engine built to exploit the unique hardware capabilities of the Apple IIgs personal computer. It supports the Apple IIgs super hires graphics mode (320×200, 16/256 colors) and provides two full-screen independent scrolling layers along with software sprites. The API and core functionality of the library is inspired by the graphics hardware of the NES/SMS/SNES/Genesis console era.

The GTE Github Page

The entire source code, documentation, and all of the demos are available on the Generic Tile Engine Github page at:

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