Greasy Graphics 1.0 Released

Sellam Abraham has announced the official release of GReasy Graphics System 1.0, a complete low-resolution graphics sprite and background animation tool with integrated editing suite and programming library for the Apple ][ line of computers.Features:

  • Up to 31 sprites of any dimension- Up to 32 background frames- Small memory footprint (<5K with fully initialized sprite system)
  • Documented and easy to use Applesoft BASIC interface- Includes drawing program, sprite editor, and &-command extensions for quick & easy development

Download GReasy Graphics System 1.0 now from the following link ==>

Includes bootable ProDOS disk image containing the GReasy Graphics System along with the GReasy Graphics System Application User Guide v1.0 and Programming and Technical Manual (Preliminary Version).

GReasy Graphics System 1.0 is shareware: use it for as long as you like and if at some point in the future you feel obliged to send me some scratch, I’ll take it!

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