iOS 8 Adoption Rate at 68%


According to data released on the App Store Distribution page of the Apple Developer Support site, adoption of Apple’s latest version of their iOS 8 is now at a 68% of all iOS devices.  The site also says that 96% of the devices are using at least iOS 7 leaving just a miniscule 4% of devices using older iOS’s. It does not go into detail as to the device breakdown so it can only be assumed that the 96% is at least an iPhone 5.


This news plays well for developers who are now looking at the potentiality of using the WatchKit SDK included in the latest beta of XCode.  XCode Version 6.2 Beta 3 which was distributed to developers in December allows programmers to begin preparing the Watch apps, which in turn should help even further adoption of the iOS 8 platform in the coming months.

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