ORCA/C 2.2.0 B6 Released

The latest update for the ORCA/C Compiler for the Apple IIgs package from Byteworks Inc. has been released. This release includes a bevy of enhancements and bug fixes including:

  • Support for new language features from C99 and C11:
    • Compound literals
    • Hexadecimal floating-point constants
    • Unicode strings and characters in code
    • Type qualifiers or static in the declarations of array parameters
  • Support for new library features, mainly from C99 and C11:
    • Unicode conversion functions
    • Many new <math.h> functions from C99
    • strftime function for formatting date/time strings
    • va_copy macro for copying variable arguments
    • Minimalistic implementation of locale functions (supporting the "C" locale only)
  • Option to use a custom pre-include file
  • Option to print file names in error messages
  • Option to disable non-standard ORCA/C keywords (so they can be used as identifiers)
  • Numerous bugs fixed

For those using this package, you will need ORCA/C version 2.1 or newer. The 2.2.0 B6 release is an update package only and does not include the full compiler. To download the latest version, check out the Byteworks, Inc. Github ORCA/C page at:

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