PLASMA 1.0 Developers Preview #3 now available.

David Schmenk has released the latest developers preview of his PLASMA programming environment.   The third version of the 1.0 developers preview includes a few changes and fixes.

PLASMA is a modern high level programming language for the Apple II, which has been in development for the past 12 years.  Along with David Schmenk, a host of other participants over the years have had a hand in making PLASMA what it is including the following:

  • Martin Haye: PLASMA programmer extraordinaire. Mr. Lawless Legends has requested many of the crucial features that set PLASMA apart.
  • Steve F (ZornsLemma): Has taken the optimizer to new levels and his work on porting PLASMA to the Beeb are amazing:
  • Peter Ferrie: Assembly optimizer extraordinaire. He has made significant improvements into the code footprint in PLASMA so all the functionality can exist in just a few bytes.
  • David Schmidt (DaveX): His help in documentation have made it much more accessible and professional. Of course any errors are all his. Just kidding, they’re mine 😉
  • Andy Werner ( Catching the grammatical errors that I ain’t no good at.
  • John Brooks: Apple II Guru par excellence. His insights got 10% performance increase out of the VM.

For more information or to download the third version of the PLASMA 1.0 Developers Preview, go to the PLASMA Github at:

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