6502bench SourceGen Disassembler Updated

6502bench SourceGen v1.5 is now available.  Key changes since v1.4:

– NOTE: extension script interfaces have changed. Pre-v1.5 plugins will not work with this release.
– Added visualization generation interface for converting embedded data to images.
  – Added extension scripts for C64 sprites, Atari 2600 graphics, and Apple II hi-res bitmaps, fonts, and shape tables.
  – Added animated bitmap visualizations.
  – Added GIF and animated GIF generation to HTML exporter.
– Added non-unique local labels (e.g. “@loop”).
– Added uncertainty annotations to label (e.g. “score?”).
– Added ability to set addresses on file chunks, making it easier to relocate sections of code.
– Added more options for “bulk” data formatting.
– Added file slicing and concatenation tools.
– Added “go to last change” feature.
– Updated project file formatting to make it more diff-friendly.

The various commented disassemblies that were hosted at bigflake.com/disasm can now be found on https://6502disassembly.com/.  As part of exercising SourceGen v1.5 I added a few more:

(1) Space Eggs, by Nasir Gebelli.  A colorful shoot-em-up that effectively demonstrates the usefulness of visualizers.  I made a short video: https://youtu.be/lSvEr5nCHbY

(2) Caverns of Freitag, by David Shapiro.  An excellent example of mixing Applesoft with assembly language.  I used a custom visualizer to format the maze map.  Adding visualizers for the tile set elements revealed graphics for monsters that didn’t make it into the game.

(3) Starship Commander, by Gilman Louie.  The game is almost entirely Applesoft, so doesn’t have a whole lot for SourceGen to do.  I disassembled the BASIC portions a few years back, and figured I’d share, so I took the HRCG apart and converted the fonts.

(4) Adventure, for the Atari 2600, by Warren Robinett.  This is a “port” of a disassembly floating around the Internet, mostly to confirm that address mirroring and 2600 graphics work.

FWIW, SourceGen v1.5 has what I consider to be the full basic feature set for a disassembler.  It still needs some features and has some rough edges, but it flows pretty well now.

Source code and pre-built Windows binaries are available from https://github.com/fadden/6502bench/releases

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