Adventure 2.1 – A return to the Original Text Adventure

Back in the 1970’s when I was first starting out with computer programming, there was one game that was on nearly every system that I had access to.  That one game was Adventure.  Originally written based on a trip to Mammoth Cave, William Crowther wrote the Colossal Caves Adventure specifically for his kids.  However, it soon grew wings and went beyond the confines of his home out into nearly every computer in the world.

The program was even produced by Microsoft back in the early 1980’s with some modifications and many other adventure games over the decades got their roots from the game.  Now Adventure is back in a form for the Mac, produced by Lobotomo Software.  While most of the other games have come and gone, this one is still hanging around and is still as much fun as the first time I played it.  Even if you aren’t old enough to remember the original game on command line type systems, you will still want to check it out.

The game itself is based on the Bedquilt Cave, one of the numerous caves within the Mammoth Cave network.  You can download the program for free from the Lobotomo Website at:

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