Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 23 Released

The Joshua Bell led Apple II Desktop project has released a new alpha version of the remake. Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 23 includes a host of changes and fixes along with their bug numbers as reported in the A2Desktop project bug list:


  • Correct some problems with menus/windows after a failing to restore a window on launch (e.g. if disk is no longer present). #338#339
  • Tweak list view column sizes. #321
  • Correct selection direction of left/right arrow keys in Format/Erase dialog. #328
  • Rewrite several strings to improve future localization, remove passive voice.
  • Reduce device column widths in Format/Erase dialog. #177
  • Show Return glyph ⏎ in menu for File > Rename. #302
  • Fix formatting SmartPort devices in GSplus. #309
  • Special > Get Size now shows size in kilobytes. #308
  • Regularize ellipsis use in some menu items/dialog titles #303#304#305
  • Make ‘0 Items’ plural. #296
  • Use consistent format with S,D prefix for device names shown in Format/Erase dialogs
  • Allow arbitrary file types in Apple menu (executables and previewable files). #293#295.

Disk Copy

  • Only conditionally reattach RAM. #333
  • Handle remapped and non-firmware device drivers


  • Allow solid apple as menu shortcut modifier, same as DeskTop


  • Change packaged filenames/extensions for better discoverability. #334

You can download the latest releases of the Apple II Desktop project from their Github page :

Complete documentation for the Apple II Desktop is available at:

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