Apple II Desktop 1.2 Officially Released

The final release of the Apple II Desktop Version 1.2 is available. That means that there are no more Alpha or Beta versions and that this will be the last update to that particular version. Apple II DeskTop is a graphical file and disk manager that also includes a host of graphical desk accessories for the Apple II series computers. Apple II desktop has also been known and sold as Mouse Desk.

Some of the features of the Apple II Desktop include the following capabilities:

  • Runs on the Apple II series (or compatible) with 128k and double hi-res graphics: Apple IIe, IIc, IIc Plus, IIgs, IIe Option Card for Mac, Laser 128, or Franklin ACE 2X00/500.
  • You can also run the system on an emulator such as Virtual ][ (macOS), AppleWin (Windows), MAME (works great with Ample), or Apple //jse (browser-based).
  • ProDOS 8 1.1 or later.
  • Works best with a mouse, 800k or larger disk, and accelerator (2MHz or faster).

Learn more by reading the Documentation, Help, History, or FAQ.

You can learn about all of the changes that have been made to Apple II desktop by checking the following file: What’s new in v1.2?

To Download Apple II Desktop version 1.2, go to the Github page at:

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