Apple II Desktop 1.3 alpha 5 Released

The latest alpha release of the Apple II Desktop graphical user interface is now available for download. Apple II Desktop version 1.3 alpha release 5 includes the following changes:


  • Visually center window title bar text. (#744)


  • Support for launching AppleWorks files.
    • AppleWorks 5.1 must be on same volume as DeskTop, in AW5/ directory.
  • Make OA+SA+O and OA+SA+W shortcuts work when Caps Lock is off.
  • Improve layout of window header counts/labels. (#493)
  • Shortcuts > Edit/Delete/Run a Shortcut: OK button is now disabled if there is no selection.
  • Format/Erase: OK button is now disabled if there is no selection.
  • Format/Erase: Show format location when prompting for new volume name.
  • The OK button is now disabled in name input dialogs (New Folder, Rename, Duplicate, Format, Erase) if the name is empty.
  • Show watch cursor during Copy/Move/Delete/Lock/Unlock operations.
  • Improve performance of Copy/Move, Delete, and Lock/Unlock commands.
  • Special > Lock and Special > Unlock now work on folders.
  • Allow continuing a copy of nested files if one file is too large to fit.
  • Ensure correct paths are visible when displaying alerts during operations.
  • File > Get Info now shows total size/file count for folders/volumes.
  • Special > Get Size command is now redundant with File > Get Info, so was removed.
  • Fix “Files remaining” count for volume after failed shortcut / copy to RAMCard.
  • Improve performance of moving files on the same volume by relinking rather than copying/deleting. (#350)
  • Default window view style to parent window’s view style.


  • OK button is now disabled if there is no selection.

Disk Copy

  • Improve mouse responsiveness during I/O operations.
  • Update block count display continuously during copy.

Desk Accessories

  • Apple+W can be used to close windowed accessories.
  • Calculator:
    • Fix display of decimal button. (#745)
    • Don’t repaint on title bar click. (#746)
  • Sci Calc: Don’t repaint on title bar click. (#746)
  • Puzzle: Don’t repaint on title bar click. (#746)
  • Image Preview: Fix HR image display glitches on palette bit transitions


  • IntBASIC.system updates:
    • Set PREFIX if it’s blank
    • Add – (dash) command for INT/BIN/SYS files
    • Fix memory errors following… errors
    • Add STORE and RESTORE commands for IVR files
    • Patch IntBASIC’s GR command to hit LORES


You can download the latest releases of the Apple II Desktop in one of eight languages from the A2D Github page at:

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