Brutal Deluxe Software announces i’m fEDD up v2.2

Brutal Deluxe Software announces the maintenance release of i’m fEDD up, their copy/preservation utility program. Now at version 2.2, the program can export 5.25″ disk bitstreams in a .FDI file. If you own an Apple IIgs, the copy process runs in a single pass. A faster copy means more chance to reliably preserve track sync’ed titles. For easier convenience, the prefix command displays all files and is able to delete unlocked binary files to make room on your destination volume.

Download the latest version at

Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini

Brutal Deluxe Software


Release Notes for Version 2.2

V2.2 – AV – 9/AUG/2016 – 5/JAN/2017 – The “Brian Wiser” release
– System loads CODE.IFU located at $800 that gives more room to the beast
– Prefix acts as a catalog. You can also delete unlocked BIN files only!
Press CTRL-D 😉
– Using an EDD card with a IIgs loads all data in memory
That faster process may help create sync’ed EDD files
– A BRA was still present in the UP.PREFIX code
– Save EDD files as FDI files

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