Another World Demo for the Apple II

If you are a fan of the game “Another World”, the Éric Chahi produced game, on the Amiga or Atari ST or “Out of this World” as it is known in the U.S., then you will want to check out the demo of the game for the Apple II that Vince Weaver has created.

While he has only mocked up the first two screens of the game, the game demo is still playable. According to Vince, “so far it is only 6K but there is still much to do”. He is also aware, according to his website, of the fact that there is a version of the game for the Apple IIgs, “but” he quips, “the Apple IIgs came out 10 years later and has an order-of-magnitude better hardware to work with.”

Vince has made the disk image of the demo available for download from his website at:

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