dsk2woz2 Writeable WOZ Converter

Ben Zotto, recently featured in the news for his disk recovery, now has one upped himself with a new Apple II DSK to WOZ 2.0 format disk image converter. dsk2woz2 is a program that not only converts the dsk format Apple II disk images to WOZ 2.0 format disks but also makes the resulting WOZ format disk images writable.

Written in c, the program compiles in the standard C compiler under Mac and then runs from the command line. This tool will automatically determine the disk format and use the appropriate writing methodology for either DOS 3.3 or ProDOS disks. Full documentation of the usage of dsk2woz2 is provided on the Github page for the program.

The project is derived from the dsk2woz project by Tom Harte, author of the Clock Signal multi platform emulator.

To download the dsk2woz2 program, go to the Github page for the program at:

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