Eamon-Remastered — A fresh look at an old master

For those of use who used Apple computers in the early 1980’s, there have been two constants in the gaming world.  The first was Oregon Trail which every school age child of that generation still recognizes today.  The other, while not as recognizable, was just as influential in the Text Based Interactive Fiction realm.  That would be Eamon, the adventure system created in 1980 by Donald Brown.

Over the years since his initial version of the Beginners Cave appeared in a myriad of computing magazines, there have been more than 250 adventures written and a host of versions of the Beginners Cave and accompanying Dungeon Designers Disk created.    These program were created by many different authors and covered every genre imaginable.

Now, a new take on the old programs has hit the internet.  Eamon Re-mastered is a fresh look at the old programs with 20 or so of the original adventures already having been converted to this new, Javascript based system.  More are being added on a weekly basis and the latest release  is The Black Castle of NaGog and according to the Eamon-remastered.com website:

The latest adventure for Eamon Remastered is a quest to find a golden idol that can save a hero from demonic possession. It was first written by Doug Burrows and first published on the Apple II in 1986.

This features a number of special effects, such as a couple of nasty traps (what did you expect when you open old tombs in a dungeon!), lots of secret doors, a pretty decent puzzle, and even an ambush or two. The combat starts out easy but gets tough in a hurry. You’ll probably want to bring your best magic sword for this one.

For more information about Eamon, there is a host of websites which allow the user to delve into a whole new world and travel the lanes of the old masters.  They include:

The Eamon Adventurers Guild — www.eamonag.org

The Eamon Wiki — https://eamon.wiki/

You will definitely want to check out the new addition to the club.  There are a host of changes which make the games a lot more true to their original roots.   The inventory command has been made largely unnecessary thanks to some advancements in the platform.  For more information, check out Eamon-Remastered — https://eamon-remastered.com/

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