emailler v2.1.13 Released

Bobbi Manners has released the latest update to her emai//er suite for the Apple //e and Apple IIgs computers. The latest release, version 2.1.13 addresses the following issues in the program:

* Both SMTP65.SYSTEM and NNTP65UP.SYSTEM parsed the first 20 lines of the message looking for headers, and failed to stop at the first blank line, as they should. The consequence of this was when forwarding an email, the headers of the message being forwarded were parsed when they should be ignored. Fix is to stop looking for headers when a line is found beginning with carriage return.

* NNTP65.SYSTEM was failing to delete messages from the NEWS.SPOOL directory under certain circumstances. I corrected the way in which the pathname for these files is computed and this appears to resolve the issue. I do not really know what triggered this problem, but this change does appear to resolve it.

You can download the latest version of the Email//er program from the Github page at:

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