Five New Cassettes Added to the Apple II Cassette Project

Antoine Vignau, co-founder of Brutal Deluxe, has announced the availability of five new Apple II cassettes on the Apple II cassette project website. The cassettes are from Compu-Things, Haydenbook, Programma, and The Software House.

The Apple II cassette project aims to preserve and promote the use of cassettes as a storage medium for the Apple II computer. The project website contains a collection of digitized cassettes, which can be downloaded and used with emulators or transferred to physical cassettes for use with real hardware.

The five new cassettes added to the collection include “Invasion Force” from Compu-Things, “Microtyping” from Haydenbook, “Space Quest” by The Software House, as well as titles by Programma International.

All of the cassettes have been digitized and are available for download in both the traditional formats as well as a part of the complete collection of programs in ProDOS Order disk images and Ciderpress archive formats. You can download the desired version of the programs on the Apple II Cassette Project website.

The addition of these new cassettes expands the Apple II cassette project’s collection to a total of 685 cassettes, providing Apple II enthusiasts with even more opportunities to explore the history of the platform and its software.

Antoine Vignau and Brutal Deluxe are well-known in the Apple II community for their efforts in preserving and promoting the platform’s legacy as well as producing some of the finest quality software for the Apple IIgs platform.

Apple II enthusiasts interested in the Apple II Cassette based software can visit the Brutal Deluxe Software Apple II cassette project website at to download the new cassettes and explore the rest of the collection.

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