Karelia Releases Sandvox 2.5

Karelia Software has released an update to their Sandvox Website Creator.  Sandvox is an easy to use website creation package which allows users to create entire websites within a matter of minutes rather than days and weeks. Sandvox 2.5 has included some automatic features allowing notifications to be sent to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even email.  Also included in this version are the following changes:

  • Brand new Slide Show index
  • Photo Grid supports displaying captions derived from each page
  • Improved compatibility with .m4v files
  • Amazon List supports Italian, Chinese and Spanish stores
  • Corrects position of RSS badge icon in some configurations
  • Improves layout of Contact Form labels
  • Placeholders:
  1. Corrects appearance of YouTube when no video has been chosen
  2. For certain websites that do not support being embedded in other websites, Sandvox displays a placeholder
  3. Corrects appearance of Raw HTML placeholders
  • Fixes a crash choosing a file to insert
  • Overhauled publishing engine for speed and reliability
  • If added to the home screen on an iPhone or iPad, home pages display their thumbnail as specified in the Page Inspector
  • Publishing Transcript is more readable and can be included when sending feedback, to help us track down problems
  • Resolves a crash during publishing

Version 2.5 requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.6.and now has Full screen mode.  In addition to that, theDocuments are automatically saved for you, and previous versions can be browsed, making Sandvox a nearly no document loss system. Upon quitting and relaunching,the windows restore exactly in the same stat you left them.  You can download the program from the Karelia website at:



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