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Lord British, A.K.A. Richard Garriott, has returned to the gaming scene with a new RPG entry. Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a combination online / offline game which looks to change the way that RPG games are looked at and played.

Lord British is known in the realms of the Ultima world among others. Starting with his first game on the Apple ][ computer, Akalabeth, he soon became an overnight sensation with more than 30,000 copies of the game sold. Ultima I and beyond also became bestsellers within the gaming world. Between Garriott and the team working with him on this new game, they have more than 50 commercial success titles between them.

Shoud will not be your typical RPG game according to Garriott. While many games want you to complete certain tasks or get enough points within a level to move on to the next one, this game according to will use an ever changing world as well as story lines to move the player through the world. Playable both as a massive multi-player online game as well as offline, this will mark the first game that Garriott has personally attached his name to since 1993.

For more on the production and the kickstarter project which at the time of press was already nearly halfway to it’s 1,000,000 USD goal, go to the Lord British Presents website at:


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