New Game : 2048 for the Apple II

Eric Donadieu has released a new Apple II game, 2048. This is a new look at the popular number combining games which are popular on iOS and Android devices.

2048 uses the arrow keys to shift the blocks, left, right, up, and down with the shifting combining like numbers in that direction. non-combining numbers are simply moved in the direction of the shift if there are empty squares in that direction.

The game is a unique take on these quite common games and has all of the features a normal arcade type game has including the High Scores list, Best Score, help screen and allows users to re-start right in the middle of the game if things are not going so well.

This is quite a good effort and although our emulator brought out a few minor quirks in this first version of the game, it is entertaining, fun and to put it mildly, quite difficult.

You can download 2048 from Eric’s webpage for the game at:

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