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This morning while performing my daily internet news gathering I came across an update to an interesting program. Minitube is a You Tube downloader/player. One of the major points the author makes is it doesn’t use the Flash player. In my opinion this makes it fairly fast.

This program is available in four forms, Mac, Windows, Linux (32bit binary), and source code. The Mac and Windows versions have demos. I would guess the Linux and source code versions are the full program. It is important to point out I am using the demo of the current version on the Mac. My Linux box is having more trouble so I can’t tell if the full version is available in Linux or not. The full Mac and Windows versions appear to be commercial software. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to find a price anywhere.

The difference between the demo and the full versions are naturally more features, a nag screen which appears after a few seconds, and downloading is limited to four or less minute videos. The program on the Mac downloads as a single dmg file. I dragged the program file to the desktop and ran it from there. So far after about 20 minutes of video play and a single download I have yet to detect any bugs.

One thing I found to be different from other You Tube players is the way it indexes the files. The search is very fast. It looks as though it is possible to build up a play list. The play list is useful if a video is split across multiple segments. I tried two different videos. The first was a high resolution anime called “Stellvia of the Universe” and the other was a 1957 radio show called “The Goon Show”, specifically the “What time is it Eccles” sketch. Mentioning the names is important because I found after the video I wanted finished, the player played the next in the list of suggestions (some are better than others). By mentioning the name the reader can duplicate my experiences.

The program may be downloaded from

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