Running Diskbrowser on Windows

Over the past few years, many users have asked about running Apple II Diskbrowser on Windows. While the package was developed for Mac OS X by Denis Molony, the desire for some users to push the envelope of what the program is capable of has never waned.

Now we have an answer to the issue thanks to enterprising Diskbrowser user and Apple II Enthusiasts group member François Vander Linden.

Users can acquire Apple II Diskbrowser from Denis Molony’s Github page for the program at:

Once you have downloaded the JAR file from the Diskbrowser repository, you will need to also install the JDK for Java SE. You can get this from the following page:

Be sure to download, JDK version 13. Otherwise the Apple II Diskbrowser will not work. To Download the JDK, just click the big download button on top of the page. Once you have the JDK installed, you would be able to start the Diskbrowser app by double-clicking on the JAR file.

One issue that François Vander Linden mentioned was downloading Java SE 8 instead of the JDK Version 13. If you try to use Java SE 8, the program is unlikely to work on your machine.

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