SpASM Assembler Updated to Version 1.2.1

Francois Vander Linden has performed what he is specifying as one of the last updates for a while to his 6502 Spreadsheet Assembler or SpASM. His latest release, version 1.2.1 includes a host of new features including:

  • now supports commented code lines
  • added ADI/DCI
  • added SDI
  • added INV/FLS/BLK
  • added “HEX bytes,n” support
  • added “HEX one_byte,” support
  • moved Example in another workbook that will get updates only if needed

The Spreadsheet Assembler functions in both Microsoft Excel as well as Libre Office Spreadsheet and performs all aspects of assembling a 6502 program as well providing linking capabilities all within the spreadsheet.

The reaction to the Spreadsheet Assembler has been overwhelming and many people have said, of course, it was only a matter of time before someone did this. Many thought it was a crazy idea but for those who use a spreadsheet for their 6502 Assembly Language listings, now there is a full fledged assembler that they can use to not only print their program but also get the hex code for their program.

SpASM 1.2.1 requires at least Libre Office version 7.1 or later if you are using that spreadsheet.

You can download the latest version of the Spreadsheet Assembler from the SpASM Github page at:

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