The Dungeons of Fangborne Keep — A Developers Tale

Last week, we highlighted Brendan Bellina’s Script-Central 2020 Special Edition which featured a slew of hypercard stacks and scripts. Included as part of that package was a game inspired by the EAMON series, The Dungeons of Fangborne Keep. Fangborne is an RPG which was developed completely in Hypercard and includes a number of features normally reserved for the bigger game development houses.

Originally abandoned in 1995, the game was revisited by Bellina in October 2020 and a completion of the game. He talks about the development of the program and its culmination in its full 2mb sized RPG.

To read the complete story, check out his writeup on his blog, “Tilting at Pixelated Windmills” at:

You can download the entire Script Central 2020 Special Edition package at the Silverwand Software Collection website at:

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