Ultima IV Remastered Version 1.2.4

Ultima IV Remastered is a fan project with over 40 bug fixes and enhancements upon the original 1985 game by Lord British. Notable features include: trainer menu (optional cheat codes); gender-neutral character creation; faster dungeon exploration with a single-character mode; skull artifact supported in combat; Mockingboard support on Apple IIgs and //c models.

The latest release of the game, Ultima IV Remastered Version 1.2.4, includes changes for a couple of items including:

Game changes
  • Dungeon fixes in Wrong and Covetous back-ported from later retail editions on other platforms
  • Adjusted cool-down timers for Hawkwind and reagent searches
Project changes
  • Makefile “clean” tidied up
  • Fixed error in documented symbolic values for dungeon traps

New features of Ultima IV Remastered are usually silent unless invoked, so players may choose to ignore them and experience the game as originally designed. All game code has been disassembled and documented for study, including the music drivers and draw routines.

Credit goes to MagerValp and the Genesis Project for creating the Commodore 64 edition of the game, and to Sean Gugler for further refinements and back-porting to Apple II. If you would like complete details of the project or to download the source code and game, they are available at:

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