Update for IP65 TCPIP Stack Released

Oliver Schmidt has announced a major update to the IP65 TCP/IP Stack for the Apple II Computer.   According to his press release in the CSA2,

“It is likely that you think of IP65 as an asm written TCP/IP library for asm
programmers. But IP65 has significantly changed recently in two

1. C Interface
The IP65 programming model has deliberately always favoured simplicity
over flexibility. However, targeting only asm programmers there
weren’t too many to appreciate that design.

Since I started to maintain IP65 I worked on making IP65 usable for C
programmers and recently that effort was completed successfully. You
can now download ready-made libraries plus a C header file and start
your own TCP/IP or Internet program right away using cc65.

The approach to call asm code from C is totally natural to cc65 given
that the C standard library is written almost completely in asm too.
And just like the C standard library IP65 can be used on several 6502
machines. All this fits so nicely that I adopted IP65 as part of the
cc65 GitHub project, meaning the IP65 main URL is now:

If you want to take a peek at the IP65 C interface check out

2. Ready-to-run TCP/IP programs
Beside the libraries IP65 now comes with five programs:

– Telnet65 is the only asm program coming with IP65. I completed it already 1.5 years ago.

– Date65 is primarily a demo for a simple IP65 C program. Additionally it can be of actual use for everybody without a real-time clock.

– HFS65 is an HTTP file server allowing any web browser to access all files on an Apple II.

– Wget65 is an HTTP file/disk downloader with advanced cmdline like  UI. I created two demo videos.

– Tweet65 is primarily a demo for triggering events on IFTTT aka if-this-then-that (https://ifttt.com/) from a 6502 machine.

Additionally it can be used as-is to post tweets on Twitter after putting together a simple “Applet” on IFTTT. “


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