VT100 Emulation for the Apple IIgs

itty-bitty-vtty is a vt100 emulator for the Apple IIgs developed by Kelvin Sherlock which provides an operating system free, accurate vt100 emulation. itty-bitty-vtty uses the modem port at 9600 baud and the standard 8-N-1 transfer settings, which is also the MAME Emulator defaults for those who wish to use it in coordination with the MAME Emulator.

itty-bitty-vtty is based on the vt100 standards set forth in the vt100 online User Guide. According to the Github page for the itty-bitty-vtty vt 100 emulator, underspecified behaviors have been tested using the MAME emulator’s vt100 emulation.

There are some limitations in hardware which have caused the following items to go unimplemented in the itty-bitty-vtty vt100 emulator:

  • alternate character sets
  • graphic rendition (except plain/reverse)
  • 132-column mode

All other items in the User Guide are implemented and should provide the user with a realistic feel when using the itty-bitty-vtty vt100 emulator. You can download the latest release of the vt100 Emulator on a ProDOS Order disk as well as the source code from the itty-bitty-vtty vt100 emulator Github page at:

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